We need a bold new progressive vision for Union City.  One that makes our small town shine out among the suburbs of the East Bay.  We have beautiful hills, open green spaces, responsible and ambitious young people, excellent public transportation connections throughout the Bay Area region.   No longer do we want to be seen as just a passthrough town on the way to jobs elsewhere, but rather a destination that people want to travel to, work at, spend time in. Also we need to be cognizant of the social movements of this moment, and address the profound inequities and wealth gap that has been accentuated in the past few decades.

As President Obama said: We want to move towards a more fuller, fairer, better America.

I want to be your next Mayor to  ENABLE this vision to be realized for our town. 


Deficit of Parkland

We need expansion of our public lands and spaces, so people have a chance to breathe, think and clear their minds — particularly during a pandemic. Outside locations under the open sky are some of the only places people can venture away from their homes.

We need to create safe, clean places where our kids can play and explore the outdoors.

Let’s preserve the public land where Ramirez farm sits.  The California Department of Transportation is willing to transfer this land at very low cost directly to Union City ownership.  We need to take advantage of this to mitigate the deficit of roughly 76 acres of park land according to federal government standards!

We need to strengthen and support local farms that sell their products at neighborhood farm stands or at local farmers markets.


We need to balance our budget WITHOUT reaching into the wallets of citizens over and over to ask for yet more money when we’ve overspent.  Union City is the least revenue-generating city in all of Alameda County.  We do not need to burden residents with yet another tax (the Utility Users Tax) while we have not carefully looked at balancing our books.


Our Chamber of Commerce needs to be strengthened.  Its essential to grow a diverse and thriving local economy providing a broad array of goods and services for residents, companies and organizations.  We need to utilize the warehouses that have been empty for far too long.  Along with create thriving beautiful town centers where people are excited to shop, walk, and be in.  We have a highly skilled, educated and diverse workforce needed to create a local resilient economy. We can partner with the county and take more advantage of grants they offer to develop locally owned small businesses.

A long-term urgent solution is needed for California’s housing affordability crisis, especially with the covid19 pandemic causing skyrocketing rates of unemployment and lost wages.

I will focus on meeting with business community leaders in Silicon Valley to bring good jobs, civic pride and a reliable tax base to Union City.


Climate change is real and is an urgent issue of the coming time, and half-measures are not enough. Only by being bold and making the dramatic changes at the local level everywhere can we in fact hope to leave a livable world for our children.

We want permanent protection for the hills and areas that provide a beautiful backdrop to our town, and don’t want them in constant danger of development from forces that threaten them, such as the Masonic Home in the case of the open space at Mission and Whipple.  As your Mayor, I will work with the Home to make a long-term deal to preserve this land, whether through an easement arrangement or coordinating with them to develop the land with the community in mind, such as making it into a small local farm.

We need to make sure all available city-owned parking lots where solar panels can be installed are fully built-out in this way (e.g. parking lots at City Hall, Kennedy Park).  As well as install more electric car chargers in all city lots, as the future is definitely electrified transport with renewable generation of electricity.

We want to further support making recycling and composting easier in the city and continue to support the local Tri-CED business that prioritizes green values.  We want to enable businesses and restaurants to easily compost all of their compostable waste.

I am the greenest and most pro-environment candidate in this election.


We need better transportation options than simply building new highways that get clogged yet again.  Having worked as a transportation engineer for 19 years, I have a deep insight into the local and regional transportation issues, and how to make this all work for our city.  

Looking to the future we want to build a city with greenways and pedestrian thoroughfares where people want to walk through comfortably, not be treated as second-class citizens that are in constant danger from whizzing automobiles rushing by.

Union City's transit routes need to be well-designed and used, we're not just paying money for a service that very few people are riding.  If it makes more sense to eliminate some of the under-utilized routes in favor of adding buses to transit hubs such as the busy Ardenwood Park and Ride, that is what we should aim towards.  We definitely need to get a survey sent to all commuting residents to see how they are currently getting to work, and what would work best for them.

I want to prioritize bringing a bike store into our town making it easier for citizens to buy bikes and bike accessories, as well as learn more about biking culture and accessible area trails. This will motivate much more 2-wheeled transport in our area.

We can reduce congestion and commute times by encouraging bike and improving transit options such as instituting bus rapid transit and queue jump lanes so that transit options become much more attractive to commuting residents.


We need to have an entire paradigm shift in how we police our citizens.


I have heard your voices -- 2 months of illegal and obnoxious fireworks is driving all the citizens, pets, and children crazy.  I will do everything in my power to eliminate illegal fireworks by cracking down on those who shoot them off, those who sell them, and those who supply them.  We will need to work with area mayors on an initiative to crack down on this terrible public nuisance.


I worked with the Youth Voter Movement to pre-register young people to vote at James Logan High School. 

Further we want to enable pre-registration of 16 and 17-year old in our school system, as community groups have been doing in our local schools the last 2 years.  It is critical to get young people engaged and prepared to vote as soon as they turn 18.  Also I would support bringing the age of voting for city office down to 16, as other jurisdictions have done.